Top 5 Toys For Heavy Chewer Dogs

Chewing is one of the favorite things that dogs love to do. and if you have a heavy chewer dog then you might be familiar with the problem of chewed-up curtains, shoes, and furniture.

Even if you provide them a toy it only takes them a couple of hours to destroy that and again they are back to your shoes and other stuff. Nothing is worse than spending hours browsing and finding a good toy for your dog and then watching it getting destroyed in front of your eyes.

Chewing is very important for dogs to make their jaw strong plus regular chewing is necessary to clean canines, makes them strong, and get them in a good shape. To lead a good quality of life regular chewing is very important for a dog. It provides them mental peace, stimulation and also makes them calm.

Chewing also brings down anxiety in dogs to some extent. Lack of regular chewing can make your dog irritative in nature. For puppies, chewing can make their teeth strong and for adult dogs, it can prevent boredom, relieve stress and frustration.
No toy is 100 percent indestructible but there are durable toys that will last if not years then probably months.

Chew king fetch ball toys for heavy chewer dog

chew king fetch ball toy for heavy chewer dog

No matter what breed of your dog is, whether it is small or big they’ll like to play fetch. If a normal tennis ball cannot withstand your dog’s heavy chewing then chewing a king fetch ball toy is probably the best choice for you.

Playing fetching creates a bond between pet and pet parent you don’t want to be chewed up ball get in the way of your love. Chew king fetch ball toy is made up of premium quality rubber, it is soft in texture which ensures no damage to your dog’s teeth.

A hole in the ball allows you to stick a treat in it for engaging play. It can hold long vigorous chewing sessions and is also dishwasher friendly. These balls come in different sizes and colors and are also compatible with ball launchers.

Pet qwerks bark bone stick for heavy chewer dog

pet qwerks bark bone stick for heavy chewer dog

Bone and stick are the two favorite things of dogs. Pet qwerks bark bone stick is the mixture of both of them. It is a durable nylon stick with a bulge on both ends of it, this gives the appearance of bone to it.

It comes in two different flavors mint and peanut butter which helps in fighting the bad breath of your pet.

This toy also helps in removing plaque from your pet teeth and also massage its gum. The bone comes in three different sizes, you can choose accordingly.

Also worth your time:

DOGGIE DOG Attractive Cotton Poly Mix Chew Dog Toys

DOGGIE DOG Attractive Cotton Poly Mix Chew Dog Toys

Dogs can literally spend hours playing with ropes and pulling-playing tug of war with ropes also makes their jaws stronger.

Otterly pets puppy dog toys are the set of six different types of rope toys, available in beautiful and vibrant colors which will attract your pet’s attention in no time.

These rope toys are made up of cotton and are super durable splinter-free and gum friendly. When you take your dog to the park You can sit back and relax while your pet will be playing with this.

Frisbee indestructible disc toy

 frisbee indestructible disc toy

Dogs love to play fetch and what better way to play it than frisbee, playing together makes pet and pet parent bond stronger.

Imk9 dog frisbee is not an ordinary hard frisbee that shatters when your dog bits heavily, it is a flexible frisbee that is not too hard and not too soft.

It is splinter-free which ensures that it won’t break in your dog’s mouth hence preventing gum damage. While buying this toy you should keep in mind that it is not a chewing toy.

Yes, it is stronger and more flexible than normal frisbee but regular chewing can damage it.

Feeko ring dog chew toy

feeko ring dog chew toy

Super sturdy, strong, and durable chew toy. Feeko ring dog chew toy encourages healthy chewing habit it is indestructible and made up of non-toxic rubber.

The ring is designed to keep the dog’s gum care in mind, it consists of raised bumps that massage gums and clean teeth of your dog it also makes your dog’s jaw stronger.

It is tested thoroughly with many aggressive chewers. But if somehow your dog destroys this ring, feeko will refund your money or will provide a replacement.

Being a heavy chewer is not a problem but you must know when your dog is being aggressive with toys or others. The aggressive nature of dogs is a sign of depression and anxiety.

Sometimes aggressive chewing is also a sign of dog trying to cope up with stress.

When to take action

  • If you are noticing regular aggressive chewing and destruction of chewing toys.
  • When your dog starts growling and barking at you or other members of family.
  • When your dog is continuously destroying your belonging in spite of having toys.

If you are noticing above mention habits in your dog then you might consider seeing a veterinarian.