Top 5 Best Dog Toys For Small Dogs In India

If you are one of approximately 17 million Indian households that own a dog and more specifically a small dog, you know just how it is important to keep your little furry friend occupied throughout the day. Your little one has small paws and teeth, which is why small dogs need toys specifically made for them. If toys will be large then it will be difficult for your little one to chew on them or to hold them in their paws. Being a pet parent it is very important to channel your pet’s energy.

These are some best small dog toys that dogs love to play with:-

1. Sage Square Jumbo chew chicken leg small dog toy

Sage Square Jumbo chew chicken leg toy

It is a super stretchy toy made with good quality latex specially made for small breed dogs. It makes a loud sound when it gets stretched. This will keep your little furry friend occupied for a long period of time.
It’s so fun for pets but it can be a little noisy for pet parents.

2. downtown dog toy iQ treat ball

 downtown dog toy iQ treat ball

It falls under the treat dispensing enrichment toy. All sizes of dogs and breeds enjoy this toy. It’s a bright red color ball which is challenging as well as interactive.

Fill it with your dog’s favorite treat and it will put your best effort to get a treat. It will also enhance its coordination and mental strength.

3. Goughnuts tug dog pull toy

Goughnuts tug dog toy

If your dog is an aggressive chewer and likes to chew on things ever much. Then goughnuts tug dog pull toy is for your little. A strong chewable rubber toy made up of good food-grade rubber it is virtually indestructible.

4. Petstages Small Crunchcore Bone

petstages small crunchore bone

A crunchy layer toy with a strong and durable inner core. It makes a sound of crunchy bone when your pet bites it. It is one of the favorite toys of every breed and size of the dog. Since dogs like to chew and bite it will keep them occupied for a long period of time.

5. Busy buddy Small dog toy

busy buddy small dog toy

An interactive rubber toy that also cures mild anxiety in dogs. Since dogs like to play with other dogs it is the best toy for pet parents who leave their dogs alone when they are out for work.

It comes in different sizes and weights which makes it flexible for each and every size of the dog. It has an original dog look and it can keep your little friend busy for a good amount of time.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous toys to choose from for your little angle. Small dogs are generally more energetic. To channel their energy in the right way and to keep them fit a toy is a must.

Like human kids puppies also deserve attention, care, and affection, and what better way to show your love towards your little friend than buying a right and good quality toy for them.

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