Best Dog Collar and Leash

A dog collar is a piece of material which we put around the neck of the dog. A collar which is placed around the dog’s neck can be used for restraint, identification tags, protection or fashion. Medical information is frequently placed on dog collars. Collars are often used in combination with a leash for restraining a dog. we have mentioned some best dog collar and leash.

Types of Dog Collar:

1. Basic Dog Collar:

Collars are made with a range of materials, mostly from leather or nylon webbing. Basic collar which can be used as everyday wear are :

• Buckle Dog Collars:

These can be commonly known as flat collars. They have a buckle which is similar to a belt buckle which holds the collar loosely around the dog’s neck. It also comes with a loop to which a leash can be attached. This is the most standard collar for dogs. It should be tied in such a way that it should not be so tight that it can choke the dog nor so loose that they can slip out of it.

• Break away Dog Collars:

It looks similar to buckle collars, but it has safety mechanism installed that allows the dog to break free of the collar if excessive force is applied.

2. Special purpose Dog Collars and Attachment:

• Stud Dog Collars:

Depending on the attachment it is also called wolf collars, protection collars or spiked collars. These collars are fitted with metal studs, dulled points or sharp points that prevented another animal from biting the dog’s neck. Now days, stud collars are more commonly used as a fashion accessory.

• Reflective Dog Collars:

It is usually made with nylon webbing. It incorporates reflective tape that ensures that the dog will be seen at night by approaching vehicles.

3. Medical Dog Collars:

• Flea  Dog Collars:

These are impregnated with chemicals that keep away parasites. These are usually an extra collar, worn in the addition to the usual buckle collar.

• Elizabethan Dog Collars:

It has a shape like a truncated cone that can be fitted on a dog to prevent it from scratching a wound on its head or neck or licking a wound or infection on its body.

4. Training Dog Collars:

Several types of collars are used for the purposes of training dogs. Training collars are specifically used for training only and it is not left on the dog’s neck all the time, as some collars can be hurtful or dangerous if left on a dog unsupervised.

Importance of Dog Collar and Leash:

I have this reoccurring nightmare that a lot of dog owners can most likely relate to. I’m walking my dog through the park, and suddenly, his leash snaps. He runs off and starts getting into trouble before I can catch him.

This is a nightmare that I won’t allow to come to life in reality.
The only way to prevent this from happening to me is to choose a great dog leash. For everyday use any leash is good as any other, but if your dog has a specific behaviour or you are training your dog a specific skill, there are various types of leashes available as per your requirement.
Depending on dog’s breed, temperament, training and diverse uses, different lengths, widths, styles are available. But basically all dog leashes have the same basic purpose, to keep your dog safe and under control while out in public and as an support for you to manage your pet during dog training.

Types of Dog Leash:

• The Standard Dog Leash:

This is the most common type of dog leash used for everyday walking and basic training. They are mostly made from nylon or leather, although other materials are available such as cotton and rubber but these are not durable and less common. As compare, nylon and leather is both tough to restrain an adult dog, yet light weight enough for use with a puppy. They measure between 4 to 8 feet in length with 6 foot. This length allows more freedom of movement and can have complete control of their dog.

• Retractable Dog Leash:

It is like a measuring tape with a nylon cord that can extend from 4 to 30 feet, with a locking mechanism in a plastic handle that allows you to lock the leash at varying degrees of length and you can allow your dog for freedom of movement. Although these leashes are quite popular there are few things which you have to consider before you opt to use one:

 Rope burns
 Possible strangulation due to so much excess line.
 Other problem can occur such as Dangers of retractable leashes from the Dogington post.

So this type of leash is recommended for dogs that are already trained to walk nicely on leash. Only then they act as a happy medium between control for you and freedom for your dog.

• Adjustable Dog Leash:

Adjustable leash offers you to adjust the leash according to the length. Adjustments are frequently available between 3 to 6 feet by the addition or removal of loops, or extra clips along the length. These can allow you a shorter leash to use for training such as heel work when you want your dog very close or you can also give the option for more freedom if out on a walk.

• Chain Dog Leash:

It is replacement of a standard leash and is very useful for the dogs that tend to chew and destroy their leashes. They are suitable for all sizes of dogs as they are available in different weights and thicknesses. They can be problematic too as most dogs soon learn a chain leash is indestructible and they stop chewing it but some will continue to chew the lead, even to the point of damaging their teeth. So even if you are using the chain leash you need to keep an eye on your dog.

• Multiple Dog Leash:

One can use this type of leash to walk multiple dogs on the one single leash. You have the one handle and a leash to your first dog, with a second leash (and maybe more) coming off from a coupler to allow you to connect another dog. If the dogs are well trained and they walk nicely and they don’t pull then this type of leash is quite effective and useful for owners with multiple dogs. It is often experience that it is very difficult to use anything more than a double leash, but you can use more than double.