Best Dog Collar GPS Tracker to Buy

Every pet lover wants to keep their four-legged best friends safe. That’s why they coach them to stay in their yard, keep them on leashes when going for a walk, and take them to the vet regularly for checkups and care. But, let’s be honest. Even the most loving owners have lost their pet at one point and experienced nearly intolerable fear and anxiety. best dog collar gps tracker will help you find your dog.

Which is Best Dog Collar Tracker to Buy Online?

Indeed, one of the most terrible feelings in the world is that we do not know where our dog is or if he/she is safe or not after he/she escapes from the yard or gets loose when visiting family and friends. Thanks to today’s highly developed technology, dog owners can keep their dogs even safer by purchasing a GPS dog collar (or dog tracker). Now, you’ll be able to locate your dog and bring him home much more rapidly.

A GPS tracker will use satellites through a Global Positioning System (GPS) to trace your dog, no matter where in the world he/she is. You’ll most likely to connect the GPS to its collar or it will come as part of its collar. But you could fix it anywhere on him that won’t bother him.

You can use this tracker to find your dog for many number of reasons; if he/she is lost, or he/she not coming home; if he/she is stuck somewhere or hurt; even if you’re just curious to know where he/she is. A GPS tracking system for your dog will give you peace of mind for a fur baby who can’t call for a ride if they get stuck somewhere or shout out to you if they are hurt. You can check the GPS through several methods; most trackers make use of our smart phones and have apps or websites for you to check.

Tips to keep in mind while choosing the GPS Tracker for dog collar:

If you want to keep tabs on your pets or have a safety net, you will want to be sure that you are investing in one of the best GPS tracker for dog collar. A pet is like a part of your family, and you don’t want a tracker to fail in the time of need. So, similar to navigational GPS, a dog GPS tracker should accurately pin point your pet, and sync with an app on your phone, so that you are able to check their location on real time basis.

Whenever you are choosing the tracker, you should keep few things in your mind i.e. exact tracking, a secure fit, range and battery life. The most accurate trackers are ones which has an enhanced cellular connection and it gets refreshed frequently. There are some models which can be worn as part of the collar and feature a built in chip that relies on cell towers to work effectively. Whereas, there are some other models which can used be off the grid and without a subscription, but they do not offer the same range as of subscription ones.

Some more points to consider while purchasing the GPS dog tracking collar are:

• It should be adjustable band and you need to be sure about the collar size before purchasing
• If it is an attachable variety, then it should fight your current collar and have a tight, reliable hold when secured on.
• You should look for models with a battery that can last at least for couple of days as nobody wants to recharge the tracker all the time.

So, to make choosing your furry pal’s tracker easier, here are some picks for the best GPS dog trackers:

1. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

This is one of the most affordable and reliable models in the market today. These are small device clips which are attached to your dog’s collar for easy use. It is the combination of advanced nationwide tracking and proactive alerts like text, email and app notifications. The main reason which makes this GPS collars as one of best selling in the market is its extended battery life (upto 7 days).

The main advantages are:

• It is easy to install and use.
• It has extremely light weight.
• Multiple dogs can be tracked at once.
• Compatible with IOS and Android phones.
• The Whistle 3 also includes an activity tracker that indicates the sleep, exercise and rest which your dog is getting throughout the day.

The main disadvantages are:

• It deletes the information after 24 hours.
• While the service plan is low, monthly subscription fee may go against the initial low cost of this item.
So if you are able to afford the monthly subscription, this is the best GPS collar available in the market.

2. Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker:

It offers an affordable and highly sophisticated device that is compatible with IOS and android phones. Along with GPS services, it allows you to set up a virtual perimeter fence which will give you an automated notification via text regarding your dog’s location once breeched.

The main advantages are:

• The low cost monthly subscription feel allows you to keep a check on your pet’s location at all intervals when the device is attached to your dog’s collar.
• It is waterproof and light weighted device.
• If you face any serious problem, it has low cost solution.
• Perimeter fence is invisible.

The main disadvantages are:

• The device’s battery will last upto 5 days only and it must be detached to charge.
• The lowest subscription plan adds an annual fee to the cost of this model.
It is slightly larger than Whistle 3 but it offers many features. Main feature to be appreciated is Virtual Perimeter Fence which immediately alerts you when your pet breeches it.

3. Garmin Alpha 100TT 15 Dog GPS

It is an expensive, fully loaded GPS dog tracker. This tracker includes all the bells and whistles, a collar, highly sensitive GPS, LED beacon light, rescue mode, simulations and a handheld tracking device.

The main advantages are:

• Need to do one time investment.
• There will be no subscription fee as it does not connect to your smart phones.
• You can track upto 20 dogs at a time on this device. Most suitable for trainers and hunters.

The main disadvantages are:

• It is larger in size and more complicated as compared to other devices.
• Collar is extremely expensive.
• Its standard battery life is only 24 hours as it is rechargeable.
It is worth buying if you are a hunter, outdoor enthusiast or trainer.

4. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker :

It is the sleekest and most attractive model on our list. It is only model which comes with its own collar. Nestled inside a tan leather or black sport collar, it is available in four different sizes to make sure that dog is comfortable. It includes features such as a LED light, temperature safety alert, vet record database and nationwide tracking. It has compatible app that can be used with IOS and Android phones.

The main advantages are:

• It is beautifully crafted, sleek design. The tracker has been incorporated into the collar which makes it a popular choice.
• It has ability to store additional data like vet records and activity history.

The main disadvantages are:

• Although it is fashionable, but it is little heavy.
• Battery will only last upto 3 days.
Slightly more expensive than the other models but it is a beautiful item that does more than locate your dog.

5. Findster Duo + Pet Tracker

If you are not interested in paying a monthly subscription fee, then this model is suitable for you. It works on radio frequency technology rather than relying on cell towers.

The main advantages are:

• It is designed in such a way that it is both water and shock resistant.
• You can keep tab on upto 3 pets at once, making it a good option for owners of multiple animals.

The main disadvantages are:

• Its battery lasts for 12 hours with a full day of tracking or up to 7 days if you are only using the activity monitor without live tracking. The short battery life when using live tracking made it the unsuitable option for the some.
• This dog tracker is only effective within the radius of about 3 miles in open fields and 0.5 miles in dense urban areas.
So, it is most suitable for those who hate monthly subscription fee.