Best Dog Collar for Control Pulling

Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to connect with your pet, as well as they get the exercise which helps them to stay calm, happy, and healthy. However, some owners are afraid of and even they avoid walks with their dogs due to their pup’s pulling nature. A pulling dog is no fun to walk with and can be very stressful. But now you don’t need to worry as with the right collar, usage, and training, owners can get back to the walk and can make walks an enjoyable experience again. we have list of best dog collar for control pulling that will help you to select one for you.

Points to consider while picking Best Dog Collar for Control Pulling

There are certain elements you should keep in your mind while looking for a pulling dog collar to ensure that it is safe for your dog and functions as planned.

• Dog Collar made up of Soft Material

It is one of the best dog collar for control pulling. One of the most significant features of an anti-pulling dog collar is the material from which it is made up of Soft material is best, such as mesh or wool, as it helps to keep pressure off the dog. A rough collar can rub the dog too insensitively and cause irritation. If your dog finds the collar uncomfortable, they may start to chew at the harness or collar, which will naturally prove challenging.

• Adjustable Dog Collar:

It is also necessary that the dog collar for control pulling should be adjustable. as when it comes to anti-pulling harnesses, one size does not fit for all. An adjustable collar ensures the fit is proper for the dog’s size and shape, and it is better if there are multiple adjustable points.

• Quick-Release Buckle Dog Collar:

A quick-release buckle allows you to get the collar off your dog quickly. This is useful when the dog is pulling away to get back inside the house, or in the case of an emergency.

• Dog Collar gives Under body Protection:

Harnesses that only focus on protecting the chest do not remove all uncomfortable sensations your dog feels. Your dog’s under body needs extra protection, such as wool material, to keep your dog’s legs from becoming painful.

The 6 Best Dog Collar for Control Pulling and Prevent the Pulls

Some brands of dog collars offer anti-pulling features. We will recommend some options in detail below:

1. Rabbit goo No-Pull Dog Harness

It is a high-quality dog harness that features clips on the front and back. If you need to stop your dog from pulling, just clip his leash to the front clip and guide him wherever you need to go.


• It features a “step-in” design, which makes it easy to put on or take off.
• It has No-choke design. This vest helps spread any leash pressure across your dog’s shoulders, chest and back, rather than his neck.
• It has Reflective straps which will help to make you and your pup visible to passing motorists.
• Strong materials and design. It features heavy-duty materials and metal D-rings to make sure it holds up to your dog’s jerks twists and pulls.
• Available for dogs of all sizes. This harness is available in four different sizes, and each one features an adjustable strap, making it easy to get a proper fit.
• The built-in back handle on this leash provides additional control when you need it.
• Some people found it difficult to determine the proper size to buy so it is suggested that you should opt for the smaller size.

2. Pet Safe Easy Walk Dog Harness

It utilizes two different no-pull technologies, as it not only comes with a front clip, but it tightens when your dog pulls too. Simple to use and easy to put on, this is probably one of the best options for first-time dog owners.

• The martingale loop found on the harness helps to stop the leash from twisting. This prevents a common problem in which dogs get twisted, causing them to pull and jerk.
• This harness uses a unique front-chest attachment, allow you to guide your dog to the side and redirect his focus towards you when walking.
• It is made from soft, strong nylon for a comfortable fit.
• It has easy on and off snap buckle on the dog’s shoulder and belly straps.
• It is made with 4 adjustment points. This ensures the fit is accurate for each dog, and the harness sits comfortably on their bodies.
• This harness comes in eight different sizes, with the most commonly bought size being the medium/large. Sizes range from small dogs to extra large for bigger breeds.
• Some people have the opinion that this harness is too narrow, especially in the leg area, making it rub against their dog’s fur too much.

3. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness

This harness also utilizes two different no-pull technologies which help to improve your dog’s walking habits. It comes with a ring in the front to make it easy to adjust your dog’s balance, and it also features a martingale-style loop, which provides gentle pressure on your dog’s chest and ribs when he pulls.


• It comes with a double-clasp leash. This not only increases the value of the harness, it makes it easy to use both the back and front clip at the same time, giving incomparable control of your pet.
• It provides comfort as it features a soft velvet lining to prevent chaffing.
• It comes with a chew warranty. The manufacturer will change up to two straps if your dog chews through the harness.
• Fits dogs of all sizes. This harness comes in six different sizes, and some sizes are available with straps of various widths.
• You can get the 2 Hounds Design Harness in 21 different colours to match your pup’s personality, thus it has plenty of colour options.
• This harness is easy to put on and take off, thanks to the quick-release clips that come with it.
• A few owners finds price of this harness much more expensive than some other options, but it is worth as it comes with a two-clip leash. These factors should offset its price tag for most owners.

4. Gentle Lead Dog Collar:

It is a head-halter harness that is designed to help to get rid of leash-pulling behaviours. It is also helpful for keeping your dog’s head up and attention focused where you want it during walks.


• This dog anti-pulling collar comes in five sizes, varies from XS to XL.
• It is available in seven colours, which allows you to choose a style that matches you and your pet’s personality!
• Adjustable neck strap and nose loop allows you to create a custom fit for your pup.
• This dog pulling collar is designed to prevent pulling, lunging, jumping, as well as anxiety and general aggression. In turn, leads to reduce bad behaviour.
• This collar includes fitting instructions as well as a training guide and DVD.
• Collar is said to improve walks immediately and adjusting behaviour within minutes. It gives immediate results.
• Some owners thought that the dogs simply could not adjust to it, and a few even injured themselves during use.

5. Country Brook Design Martingale Collar

This collar tightens when your dog pulls but like other martingale collars it has built-in safety features, which prevent it from becoming too tight. It only fits around your dog’s neck, rather than his chest and shoulders.


• It is made in the USA.
• Peace of mind. This harness is designed to be escape-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your pup slipping free.
• This collar comes in 20 different colours from which you can choose accordingly.
• This harness is a combination of aluminium and stainless-steel hardware, and a colour fast dye to make sure it won’t fade or run when it gets wet.
• It is available in different widths for different sizes. The small model comes with a ¾-inch-wide nylon strap, while the straps of the other sizes are all 1 inch wide.
• You can get this harness in four different sizes, and each one is adjustable so that you can achieve a accurate fit.
• There were a few problems noted by some owners such as sharp edges, but these were quite rare and usually easy to correct.

6. Sporn No-Pull Dog Halter

It is a unique dog-walking tool and is similar to compression-style harnesses. However, rather than contracting around your dog’s chest, they apply pressure near his front legs to help in stopping him from pulling.


• It is made up of durable materials with quality braided cord; nickel plated steel fasteners, and strong nylon webbing.
• It has been designed in a innovative manner. Unlike other harnesses which “encourage” your dog to stop pulling, this is designed to gently force your dog to stop in his tracks, as they put pressure on the front legs.
• The Sporn Halter will not place any pressure on your dog’s neck or throat.
• You can get this harness in red, black, or blue.
• It is not only adjustable, but it comes in four different sizes too.
• This harness is backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the harness, simply return it with your proof of purchase.
• While this harness seemed to work for most owners, a few have trouble with putting it on properly. A small number of owners also expressed problems with the nylon fraying.