Best 5 Large Dog Toys: for your canine

Whether you own a small dog or a big dog, irrespective of their breed and age there is one thing common in them that they love to play.

Especially with toys. That’s why it is important that you should have good dog toys at your home to keep your best friend occupied. If you have a big dog like Pitbull or Rottweiler then you need to go for a durable and strong toy.

Keeping in mind that the toy should be able to bear the force of long and strong jaws of your dog here are some best toys which you can buy for your dog-

1. Trixie latex bird dog toy

trixie latex bird dog

If you are looking for a good strong, stretchable, and chewable toy for your dog then you must not look further. This bird-shaped toy is 25cm long. Trixie latex bird toy is made up of premium quality latex which is safe and super stretchy.

Your dog can chew on this all day long. It also makes a bird sound when your pet bites it. This sound excites your dog and also ensures a good amount of physical activity. Since it’s a low-maintenance toy you need not worry much about it.

2. Kong classic dong toy

kong classic dong toy

Popular toy among customers for years. Kong classic dong toy is known for its durable and good quality rubber. It’s a chew as well as a treat-dispensing toy. From the bottom, you can fill in the favorite treat of your dog. Its durable rubber ensures non-splintering and long chewable hours. Make your pet’s playful session enjoyable and nourishing with Kong’s classic dong toy.

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3. Dog rubber flying disc

petspal dog rubber flying disc

Being a pet owner myself I can tell you that one of my favorite places to visit with my dog is a park. And nothing beats a good old fashion playing fetch.

Dog rubber flying disc is a rubber Frisby which is ideal to play fetch. Its good quality rubber ensures no harm to your pet’s gum. You and your dog can literally spend hours playing with this. It also comes in different colors and sizes.

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4. Doggie dog 6 in 1 large dog toys

doggie dog 6 in 1 dog toys

Doggie dog toy set consists of 6 different toys in one set including a rope knot with a pulling handle, rubber ball, ball rope, rope fruit toy, lightweight bone toy, and a jute bag to carry all this. They all are made up of cotton and polyester mixer which is safe for your dog. These easy to clean, affordable toys are a full package of fun for your pet friend.

5. A regular tennis ball

tennis ball

Super affordable and regularly available. Believe it or not, a regular tennis ball is one of the favorite toys of many dogs. If you are tight on budget or just don’t want to spend more a tennis ball is a perfect option for you. It is not much durable as the toys mention above but it is easily available, affordable, and probably one of the best toys you can buy for your dog.

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Benefits of providing a toy to your dog

  1. To build alertness, when your pet get indulge with a particular toy it gives its full attention to it. Devoting attention makes your pet attentive and alert.
  2. Also, toys help your pet stay active and also prevent boredom.
  3. There are some toys which involves owner and pet to play together. It creates a strong bond between pet and pet parent.
  4. Helps in improving mental strength and thinking ability.
  5. Some of the toys makes dogs jaw stronger and also improve its strength.
  6. Boost confidence, toys especially interactive toys boost self confidence of your pet.
  7. Safety tips to consider for pet toys
  8. Avoid small toys and also keep an eye on your pet so that they don’t swallow their toys.
  9. Be careful while buying and avoid toxic toys.
  10. Destructible toys are also a big NO.
  11. Toy must be durable so that it won’t break while playing.