6 Types Of Dog Toys

The dog is always considered as a best friend of humans. The statement is well justified since their smile can make your whole day. Those innocent eyes are humble and warming.

Like your babies, dogs also need special care and attention. Playing with your pet creates a special bond between you two.
There are numerous dog toys to choose from based on the size and structure of your dog.

Now let’s look at some dog toys and see which one will be better for your dog

1. Chew dog toys

chew dog toy

Dogs love to chew toys but if you have a big breed dog they take chewing to the next level. So it is important for you to choose a good robust and good quality chew toy. Chew toys make your pet’s jaw stronger and are a great attention seekers.

2. Puzzle dog toys

puzzle toy

Puzzle toys are designed to make your dog put effort to get treats. Puzzle toys have complicated designs. These types of toys enhance the mental capability of your little friend and keep them occupied while you are away from home or doing some other work.

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3. Treat dispensing toys

treat dispensing toy

They are a bit similar to puzzle toys but easier. Pet doesn’t have to put much efforts to get treat out of these toys. They are less challenging than puzzle toys since their primary is behavior development in dogs.

These toys work best when you want your pet to learn a new skill or want them to do a simple task. You can give them this toy when doing a task this will create a sense of positive reinforcement.

Your dog will know that if he performs a good task then it will get to play with this toy.

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4. Water toys

water toy

Dogs love to play with water and water toys add more fun to it. These toys are made up of water-friendly material and they also float on water.

From floating rubber stones to Frisby these toys make your dog’s summer days even better. And some of these toys can also be decorative pieces in your garden.

5. Tech dog toys

Science has developed very much and has come a really long way. It also reflects in dog toys from humble tennis balls and a stick to hi-tech camera fitted toys.

This industry has seen a great revolution in the past decade. Nowadays interactive hi-tech toys with pre-fitted cameras are available to monitor the playful and other physical activities of your pet. These toy grabs your pet’s attention very quickly and keeps them occupied for a really long time.

Some of these toys also monitor your pet’s behavior and interact with them accordingly. But with high specs comes high pricing. If you have a good budget and you won’t mind spending much on your dog then this is a perfect choice for you.

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6. Rope toys

rope toy

Tug of war is probably one of the favorite games of all dogs. And dogs love to play it with a rope. Rope toys come in many different forms and types. Some of the rope toys have balls attached to both of their ends and some of them have multiple knots to them.

Playing with these types of toys makes a good exercise session for your little friend. Regular pulling and chewing develop a strong jaw and also strengthen the muscles of your little friend.

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Lets look at some categories of toys which will suit your dog better


An active toy is a toy that enhances the alertness and attentiveness of your pet. Even a simple ball comes under the category of active toys. Active toys especially chewable toys kill boredom and make your pet’s jaw strong.


Toys that keep your dog away from chewing your shoes to destroying your curtains and furniture come under the category of distraction toys.
Toys like chewing toys treat-dispensing toys distract your dog from chewing other things. Treat dispensing toys has rewarding nature it easily grabs the full attention of the pet.

Comfort toys

Toys that can not any sort of harm to your pet and are fluffy and soft in nature come under the category of comfort toys. These toys are generally used as a napping tool for your pet. They are stuffed with a soft material fluffy pillows, soft toy buddies are some examples.

Training toys

Training toys mainly consist of treat-dispensing toys. Since they have rewarding nature, pets tend to learn things faster because of them. These toys conditions the pet to develop a habit or to do a simple task assigned by the owner.

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Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed checking out these different categories and types of dog toys. Like humans, every dog is also different, with different choices and interests. There is a wide variety to choose your dog toys from. I would recommend you to let your dogs choose which category and what type of toy they want. It will be a great idea to have multiple toys at your to switch variety so that your pet doesn’t get bored.
Dog toys are a great way to pass time and burn off energy, provide mental stimulation and also make a strong bond between pet and pet parent.