5 Best And Affordable Dog Carriers in India 2022

Looking for the best dog carriers which are also light on your pocket? Well, your search ends right here. A dog carrier is a must-have if you own a dog.

Whether you are traveling a long tour with your dog or just going for a vet visit dog carrier ensures a safe and comfortable journey for your dog. Plus a good and stylish dog carrier enhances the look of both dog and dog owners.

Before choosing a good dog carrier we must know what to look for. In this article, we have explained several types of dog carriers, tips for buying a perfect one, and the 5 best dog carriers for your pooch.

Types Of Dog Carriers

There are several types of dog carriers to choose from let’s see which type will suit your pooch better:-



Strong, big, and durable. Cages are ideal for long traveling. They have openings from the front or top. They have well ventilation and because of their design dogs can look at their surroundings. With well-spaced and tough built these cages comes in different sizes and are easily available.

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Crates are sturdy and well ventilated. They have an opening in the front and a good locking mechanism which prevents your dog from escaping. A sturdy handle on the top to pick them up. They are airline-approved and super safe and comfortable for your pooch.

Backpack Carrier

Backpack Carrier

Backpack carriers are basically designed for carrying small dogs. These bags come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They are super comfortable and have multiple compartments to carry other stuff for your dog including water bottles and treats.

Airline Dog Carriers Bag

Airline Dog Carriers Bag

Airlines have several rules for carrying or transporting pets. Not all bags are classified as airline-approved. But these airline dog bags are specially designed considering all the rules and regulations of airlines. These bags are super comfortable, made up of good quality material, and also comes in different sizes and designs.

Wheeled Dog carriers Bags

wheeled carriers

These bags have wheels in them. They are ideal for carrying big dogs. Such bags are big in size and super comfortable to use. These bags have multiple compartments to carry other stuff like dog clothes, water bottles, dog treats, etc.

Car Dog Carriers

Car Dog Carriers

Car dog carrier bags are specially designed to get fit on the car seat. These bags can be joined with seat belts. They are comfortable and prevent your dog to move here and there in the car. These bags also have straps to carry your dog outside the car. And also they come in different sizes and designs.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Dog Carrier

Style or Design

When buying a good dog carrier, the style and design of the bag are a must consider. There are numerous styles and designs of dog carriers as mentioned above. You must know the exact purpose for which you are buying a dog carrier.

For example:- If you want to travel in a car with your dog then you must consider buying a car dog carrier bag.


You must choose the size of the bag according to the size of your dog. If you own a big dog then you must go for a big size bag and if you have a smaller one you should go for a small bag.


While carrying your dog around you need a durable bag to hold its weight and to ensure full safety. The bag should be waterproof and made up of high-quality material.


Dog carrier bags must have good ventilation. The good material and robust nature of the bag are all good but the most important thing is proper ventilation. There should be holes or some sort of opening for hot air to pass out and fresh air to come in.

Comfort and Safety

While traveling it’s your duty to ensure the comfort and safety of your pooch. Your dog carrier bag must be well-padded and should be able to absorb light jerks.

It should have a good locking mechanism that will prevent your dog to escape. There must be holes and mesh windows for proper air crossing.

Best Dog Carriers

1. Kika Pet Carrier Front Backpack

SRI Pet Carrier Front Backpack

A durable and stylish bag. Kika Pet carrier front backpack is made of canvas fabric and leather making it long-lasting. The Mesh window in front ensures proper ventilation.

This bag is very useful while hiking or even if you want to take your little pooch to a vet. You can hang it and can easily ride a cycle or a bike.


  • Durable and Stylish in nature.
  • Easy to carry even if you are riding a bike.
  • Buckle inside it connects to your pet’s collar, preventing him to escape
  • Easily washable and washing machine friendly.
  • Made up of non-toxic, skin friendly and light weight material.


  • only for small breed dogs

2. Amazon Basics Airline Travel Carrier

Amazon Basics Airline Travel Carrier

Amazon Basics Airline Travel Carrier is probably is of the best option when it comes to traveling dog bags. Made up of good and robust nylon quality material which is ideal for short as well as long tours with your beloved pet.

Mesh ventilation provides optimal air crossing preventing any kind of suffocation. It has a good quality zipper that will not let your dog escape.


  • Good ventilation
  • It’s a light weight bag ideal for small as well as medium size dog with dimension of 16.5 x 9.4 x 9.8 inches.
  • Zipper lock to ensure your pet won’t escape.
  • Washing machine friendly.
  • You get 1 year warranty.


  • strap is bit uncomfortable.

3. Trixie Capri dog Carrier

Trixie Capri dog Carrier

Trixie Capri dog carrier is a hard shell dog carrier. It is super durable and has quite good ventilation. It is ideal for airplane traveling and comes in different sizes and colors.

There is a bit of opening from the top which allows you to pet your dog without opening the dog carrier.


  • It is robust and made up of good quality non-toxic plastic.
  • Mesh window and different opening provide optimal ventilation.
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for cars, trains and planes.
  • You can pet your dog without opening the whole thing.


  • quality could be bit better.

4. BURAQ Astronaut Space Transparent Capsule Bag

BURAQ Astronaut Space Transparent Capsule bag

Cool and stylish. BURAQ Astronaut Space Transparent Capsule bag is ideal for carrying small dogs and its design defiantly makes it a center of attraction.

It has circular holes on the left, right, and front sides which ensure good ventilation. These bags come in different colors and are made up of mesh material.


  • Made up of non-toxic and skin friendly PVC material which is water and dirt proof.
  • It has unique and stylish design.
  • Build up of mesh material and there are multiple holes on three side which ensure optimal ventilation.
  • easily washable.


  • it is expensive.

5. Emily Pets Light Pink Purse Pet Carrier 

Emily Pets Light Pink Purse Pet Carrier

Emily Pets Light Pink Purse Pet Carrier is a small purse-type bag. It is ideal for carrying a small dog. Since it is an open purse there is no problem with air crossing. It has a long strap which you can hang on the shoulder.


  • Super fancy and easy to hang.
  • Made up of good quality skin friendly material.
  • Easy to wash and washing machine friendly.
  • It has long adjustable strap.


  • it is expensive
  • not much durable


Q- Can a dog carrier harm your dog?

ANS- Dog carriers are best for traveling but keeping your dog for very long in the carrier can frustrate your dog and it can show aggressive behavior. Dog carriers are not the substitute for an open house or dog house. The dog needs space to stretch out and move, dog carriers provide less space.

Q- Which is the right size for my dog?

ANS- To know the right size for dog carriers, measure your dog from his head to toe and then add 3 inches to it. And then again measure your dog from tail to nose and add 3 inches to it.


A dog carrier can be very helpful if you own a dog. It makes carrying your pooch easy and fun, keeps him safe and comfortable while traveling. The right size and type are a must to consider.

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